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Studying weblogs at Microsoft

After blogging all kinds of things about my study of weblogs at Microsoft I realised that it would be nice to have one page to point to with an overview of the study and links to relevant posts. It's work in progress, so don't be surprised if something new appears...

12 September 2005

An overview

This study was done as part of my internship with Jonathan Grudin and Gina Venolia at Microsoft Research between 5 July and 9 September 2005.

The questions we had in mind were more or less evolving around the following:

  • Where, how and why Microsoft people blog?
  • How do they maintain the balance between personal and work-related issues in their blogs?
  • What is the business impact of blogging? What happens when blogging becomes part of one's appraisal?
  • How different are internal and external blogs? Product blogs? Blogs of Microsoftees outside Redmond?
  • What could be done to make blogging more effective?

Data collection:

  • 38 interviews (in person and by phone)
    • bloggers: internal/external, high profile/long tail, personal/work-related, different countries, groups and levels
    • people supporting internal and external blogs
    • people from teams working on blog-related products
    • legal and PR people
    • 2 top-managers (not Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, but I actually had a chance to ask Bill about blogging during intern dinner in his house :)
  • blogs, intranet resources, internal blog-related discussion lists, few meetings and social events…
  • some input from 3 surveys Jonathan and Gina did earlier




Other posts (not directly related to the study, but related to my experiences of Miscrosoft)


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