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100 things

This is a list of 100 things about me (not 100 things yet, as I don't respect the rules :)

From the introductory post:

I also thought that my weblog makes an impression that I'm more serious than I really am, and, as birthday party is a good opportunity to know someone better, I decided to write 100 things about me. Not sure if it will help you to know me better, but at least I had fun writing it :)


So, 100 things about me:

  1. Recently I invented a new way to explain what I do. I say that I'm social scientist working with geeks.
  2. I don't think I'm a geek, but some others think I am. Everything is relative :)
  3. When people ask from where I'm from, I say Russian living in the Netherlands.
  4. Somehow I can't find a photo of myself which represents me well and which I like to post online. So I do with green Lilia most of the times.
  5. I wonder what my Amazon wish list says about me.
  6. Since I'm blogging I do not wonder any more what Google search says about me.
  7. I do not believe in work-life balance.
  8. I love bright colors. Especially orange.
  9. And I LOVE fresh orange juice. Enough to drink it when all people around go for a beer.
  10. Which doesn't mean that I don't drink alcohol. I do :)
  11. I like sharing food with others.
  12. Not only having a good company for food, but also ordering dishes to share. It's a good opportunity to try more different things and make it easier to choose.
  13. It takes me ages to decide what I'm going to eat.
  14. It takes me ages to decide. Some say that Libra's are not good in decision making. Sometimes I am.
  15. Back to food. I like sushi, but don't think that I'm patient enough to learn how to make them.
  16. And I really like cooking.
  17. I cook "fusion" - mixing things normal people wouldn't mix and experimenting with ideas and spices I pick up when travelling :)
  18. I believe that the best way to learn cooking is to prepare food together with someone who knows tricks. I don't believe that knowledge exist "out there", so writing it down wouldn't help.
  19. Cooking, dancing and facilitating group learning process are three things that have a lot in common for me. It's all about knowing your spices, feeling rhythm and improvising.
  20. I probably shouldn't write about my relations with learning. Addicted to learning is one of the first things I wrote about myself online.
  21. I like dancing. Last few years it's salsa...
  22. I often use dancing as a metaphor to talk about relations. Those between a man and a woman (although I guess rueda is a good metaphor for a project work :)
  23. I wonder if I'm a feminist. I believe in being equal, while being different.
  24. I enjoy being different. Especially if it's about being feminine :)
  25. I believe in multipolar world. The one where differences are recognised and appreciated.
  26. I also believe in integrated world. The one with bridges between differences.
  27. Bridge is another metaphor I use often. But I like real-life bridges as well... Walking across rivers in cities...
  28. I'm a city person. I like walking in cities. And I can do it for hours :)
  29. I grew up in Moscow and I love it. I'll be back one day and then I'd love to be your guide (if you like walking ;)
  30. Somehow my city love and interest in architecture come to be more and more relevant to my work.
  31. I find more and more things in my life that are relevant for my work. I guess it's because I don't believe in work-life balance (and I know that I wrote it already :)
  32. I try to shape my work environment so I can do things I'm passionate about. I don't want to spend large part of my life doing something that doesn't make me happy, so I don't have much choice...
  33. I want to help others to have fun at work for my future job. Have no idea who will hire me :)
  34. I can be stubborn.
  35. And too straight forward.
  36. And not listening to others.
  37. And talking too much.
  38. And too emotional at work.
  39. I'm working on changing difficult sides of my personality, so if you are my future employer reading it, please, you'd better think that I'm nearly perfect :)
  40. If you are my current colleague, please, forgive me. And, please, give me feedback on that. Even if I appear not to be listening, I do listen.
  41. And if you my friends I don't have to ask you :)
  42. I probably shouldn't get into the discussion on what a friend is :)
  43. For me relations are fuzzy and multidimensional. That's why it's so interesting to find what are the limits of  technology-mediated ways to represent them. Or to move those limits.
  44. Talking about limits - I've learnt from my mother to chase dreams and to go for challenges.
  45. I've learnt a lot from my mother. Sunny way to look at life. Joy of discovery. Tricks of motivating people. Courage of being first to speak up or to do things. Doing things with heart. Working with passion. Finding fun in doing dishes. Finding fun in things you can't avoid. Appreciating how much I have...
  46. My family means a lot to me.
  47. So I don't think much about tickets costs when I feel like flying to Moscow :)
  48. But I also like flying.
  49. I find out fascinating how flying adds new perspectives. For me it's about extending horisonts, bird-eye views and sun even if rains at the departure.
  50. I usually ask for a window seat even if I'm not in a mood for taking photos.
  51. When travelling I often climb towers, hills and other high points. "For the view" :)
  52. When travelling I like discovering different cultures. One of the reasons I loved India - it was my first experience of SO different.
  53. I'm not good in learning languages. It seems that main problem is to go through the first stage when you can speak, but can't communicate.
  54. Or, I guess,  this is my excuse for hadly speaking any Dutch after three years in the Netherlands :)
  55. I can easily find logical explanations why I do things my way. It's not always useful.
  56. And now I probably should go to bed and catch some sleep.
  57. I don't really respect rules, so I can live with 57 things instead of 100 for some time ;)
  58. (a few weeks later) I'd join Joseph Schumpeter: "One does not make a difference unless it is a difference in the lives of people."
  59. That's why I'm more interested in doing my work better than in politics.
  60. I started my career doing social work - facilitating social integration of kids with disabilities. It has started as a volunteer work when I was 14, turned into part-time job at 18 and was my main source of income and inspiration till 23.
  61. This is from where most of my professional values come: recognising and appreciating differences, building bridges across, fun of facilitating change and learning, and lack of beliefs in work-life balance.
  62. It has been the most rewarding work I ever did: making a difference in the lives of people.
  63. I've also learnt then that taking care of yourself is necessary to be able to help others.
  64. I guess it was also a source for reflection of "me and others" that turned into "communities vs. individuals" and interest in playing with forces in a middlespace.
  65. (and the rest is still drafted :)
  66. invisible-Iceberg
  67. answering e-mail
  68. diving
  69. pragmatic early adopter


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