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Iceberg* is a nickname for my PhD project "Personal productivity in a knowledge intensive environment: A weblog case".

You can use http://iceberg.notlong.com to link to this page.

The goal of this project is (I'm working on further shaping my research, so this is likely to be adjusted soon - Dec 04)

to achieve better theoretical understanding of knowledge work, resulting in a knowledge work model,

to explore weblogs as a knowledge worker instrument, resulting in a set of practical guidelines for weblog use in a knowledge management context

by studying uses and effects of weblogs for knowledge work

PhD links at my company web-site


Iceberg homepage (iceberg.telin.nl), including:

PhD links in this weblog

PhD news weblog and its RSS

most of PhD-relevant weblog posts could be found on the following topics knowledge networker, PhD, blog research

pieces, explaining my struggle with PhD focus and title: personal effectiveness in a knowledge intensive environment, personal knowledge productivity, knowledge networker, personal effectiveness, improvement.ru and boundary spanning


* Iceberg is a metaphor that describes well the invisible nature of knowledge work.


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