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I promised to my colleagues that I'll make a list of papers worth reading as an introduction to blogging. I'll make a first attempt here and then come up with something more extended and more open (wiki?) next year.

Please, note that this reading list has a spefici purpose: touching the sides of weblogs that we are likely to work on. I tried to add comments explaining what is interesting...

Things for Aldo are marked with *


What makes a weblog a weblog? - http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/whatMakesAWeblogAWeblog

An introduction to weblogs - http://www.dynamicobjects.com/d2r/archives/002399.html

* Why are blogs different than regular websites? (or A brief introduction to accessing blogs through RSS) - http://www.edtechpost.ca/blogtalk_archive/intro_to_RSS.htm

John Patrick on weblogs - http://www.cioinsight.com/print_article/0,3668,a=112811,00.asp

  • Weblog intro from a business perspective

Weblog on weblog statistics - http://www.blogcount.com

  • Check this one if you wonder how many weblogs are there

Zoom-in: what is blogging 

I believe this is the most important section if you want to understand weblogs: understanding what is that thing that people call blogging.

The blogging process - http://blogs.salon.com/0002007/2003/07/30.html#a346

  • Micro-level activities of a blogger

* Weblogging tools - http://radio.weblogs.com/0106698/2003/11/29.html#a200

  • This is not about "which weblog software is best", but about different types of tools and add-ons used in the process of blogging

Responses for my study of weblog adoption - http://blog.mathemagenic.com/blogtalk/data.html

  • I suggest you do not read the paper, but check the data: there you can find many answers on motivation and effects of blogging. The questions are listed in the beginning, so you can select only those that interest you.

* The tipping blog: How weblogs can turn an idea into an epidemic - http://www.microcontentnews.com/articles/tippingblog.htm 

Zoom-out: conceptual context

* Weblogs in research: one of these (both are good, so I can't make a selection :)

Business Weblogs - A pragmatic approach to introducing weblogs in medium and large enterprises - http://www.roell.net/publikationen/Business-Weblogs_BlogTalk_Paper_Martin_Roell_English.pdf

* Discussion and Citation in the Blogosphere - http://blogdiscussions.notlong.com

* Smarter, Simpler Social: An introduction to online social software methodology - http://www.headshift.com/moments/archive/sss2.html

Practical (if you are interested)

Weblog tools marketshare (I believe this is more meaningful then just a list of tools)

The Art of Blogging - Part 2 - a bit more on selecting weblogging tool and how to start blogging

Expanation of RSS, How You Can Use it, and Finding RSS Feeds + list of RSS Readers

Vision of aggregating and processing RSS feeds in a company - Intranet aggregator


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