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Better blogging

This is a collection of "how to make blogging better" pieces that I write to my friends, colleagues and especially  KnowledgeBoard bloggers.


  • What is RSS feed and why it is important to have one?
  • How could you find/make RSS feed?
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What is RSS feed and why it is important to have one?

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In short: RSS is the way to represent new content of the web-site (or weblog) in XML format. Than there are programs - news aggregators - that go to the sites you are interested in, grab their news in RSS and show them at your computer. I would say that RSS is the main way to connect weblogs between each other. In fact this becomes so convenient that many webloggers hardly read other blogs if they don't have RSS feed (because with RSS updates are delivered to their screen and without it they have to remember to check your web-site).

Having RSS feed for your weblog is important if you want to allow other people to read your weblog more easily, to make sure that they know about your updates and to make use of different services that use RSS.

Knowledge Board members have one additional advantage: once they have an RSS feed, their posts become visible at  KnowledgeBoard blogs reader.

How could you find/make RSS feed?

In some cases blogging software you use produces RSS feed, but you don't know about it. To check is you have one, go to RSSdiscovery and type your weblog address.

If you don't have RSS feed, you can make one

After you found/made RSS feed - make sure that you link to it from your weblog homepage, so others can find it without using RSSdiscovery page :)

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