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Lilia Efimova

Lilia in green. Click to read why. This is rather informal introduction of who I am.


Addicted to learning

Iím addicted to learning. Iím curious to know how this world works. I love the fun of discovery.

Learning fascinates me. I want to know how and why people learn. I want to know how you can help someone to learn. I love the fun of helping others to learn. After starting blogging, I discovered that this helps me in my own learning.

Learning professional

Iím addicted to learning, but Iím trying to do it professionally. At the end, why not earning money doing something you enjoy so much? My work is focused on studying, designing, facilitating, managing learning in all shapes. I donít care under which name it comes Ė training, teaching, human resources development, e-learning, knowledge management Ė as far as itís about helping others to learn, I would sign for it.

With technology around

Iím curious to see how new technologies are changing the way we work and learn, and I donít mind to be my own "guinea pig". I donít know why do I have that: may be coincidence, may be genes (my parents worked a lot with computers).

From practice to research and back

Iím thinking about myself as about practitioner. I was teaching, training and coaching, designing, developing and managing learning programs in different contexts. Then my drive to learn more brought me into doing research on learning. Iím becoming a scientist now, but my focus is still on helping practitioners to do their work better. I believe that one day I will have those two sides together.

Building bridges

I enjoy building connections: connections between people, cultures, theories, practices, contexts. Iím always finding myself building bridges. The latest one is about relating knowledge management and learning.

Between two countries

Iím Russian. So far I work in the Netherlands, but one day will go back. I like this "between two countries" dimension of my life: it gives richer perspective on everything Iím doing.


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