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Networking practices of KM bloggers

If you see this page I probably contacted you about participating in a study of networking practices of KM bloggers. Below are some things you might want to know to decide if you want to participate.


The study is a part of my PhD research “Between passion and work: blogging practices of knowledge workers”.

The study

This is an exploratory research aimed to understand how weblogs are used for networking by KM bloggers (~those who write on KM-related topics):

  • How weblogs are used for developing, maintaining and activating connections with others?
  • Place of a weblog in the ecosystem of networking/communication tools: what weblogs are good for networking-wise? when they do not work?


If you agree to participate in the study we’ll make an interview appointment. The interview is about 1 hour long, by Skype or phone.

Since in many cases bloggers reflect on their experiences in their weblogs, you can also email me (or share in other way) links to your own weblog posts that you might have written about using weblog as a networking instrument.

Privacy, credits & publication

In general I prefer using real names of the participants and links to their weblogs to give credits similar to how it’s done in the blogging world. However, if you prefer that your input (or a part of it) is presented anonymously that could be arranged too.

I will record the interview, but this recording is not shared with anyone.

I would like to post summary of the interview on my weblog (after all interviews are done). I will email it to you before posting, so you can correct anything wrong or decide if it should not be published.

There is a chance that I will blog about work-in-progress while analysing the interview data or working on a publication. In this case I will only quote from publicly available sources (e.g. from your weblog or summary of the interview after you give permission to publish it online).

You will also have an opportunity to read draft version of the study report to check how your words are represented there. The results will be published as part of my PhD dissertation (online and in print) and probably also appear as a conference/journal publication.