The blog

This blog is my learning diary – a place that helps to think aloud, to start conversations with others and to reflect. Mathemagenic means “giving birth to learning”, so I think this name fits well.

I write about things I care. It used to be a professional blog with lots of personal in between. Now it can turn in any direction, but I guess the focus on learning will stay in any case.

I blog since 2002 and this blog is eclectic – that’s a lot of stuff to navigate through. I try to provide readers with multiple ways to find relevant posts and happy to listen to any suggestions in that respect.

The person behind

Hier aan de kust by Robert Slagter

I’m Russian, who lives (and works and does lots of other things :) in the Netherlands. I used to work as a researcher, studying social media, changing workplace, knowledge and learning. In my work I blended my experiences of facilitating learning and managing change, my interest in technologies and my passion for understanding how people work.

I had a burnout around the time when my second child was born. I decided to stop working for a while, but that turned into a much bigger transformation.

Now I’m a mother of three kids. I facilitate their learning at home and outside it. I am not planning to get back to work in the near future. Combining work with little kids is stressful enough and at the moment I’d rather not outsource child-rearing to others to be able to work myself. But the more important reason is that I keep reinventing myself. I’d like to give myself the space and time to grow and to settle in a “new me” before I’m back to the professional world.