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The blog

This blog is my learning diary – a place that helps to think aloud, to start conversations with others and to reflect. Mathemagenic means “giving birth to learning”, so I think this name fits well.

I write about the things I care and this space changes together with me. In the beginning it was very much about my work interests – knowledge sharing, learning in all shapes and forms, communities. Then a lot on my PhD research, focusing on blogging practices in knowledge-intensive environments. There was a deep gap in writing when I had a burnout and it still goes on and off depending on the current balance between living and writing. Last few years I mainly wrote about learning, networking and other practices around unschooling our three kids. Now the kids are getting bigger and that alone gives more space for other work and writing.

I blog since 2002 and this blog is eclectic – that’s a lot of stuff to navigate through. I try to provide readers with multiple ways to find relevant posts and happy to listen to any suggestions in that respect.

The person behind

Hier aan de kust by Robert Slagter

I work at the intersection of social media, changing workplace, knowledge and learning, bringing together my experiences of facilitating learning and managing changes, my interest in technologies and my passion for understanding how people work.

Born in Russia, I studied economics and human resources development and worked in designing, facilitating and managing learning programs in educational and non-profit sectors. Since moving to the Netherlands in 2001 my work included applied research with academic and industry partners focusing on workplace learning, knowledge management and technology adoption. I am an early adopter of social media and studied weblog uses in knowledge-intensive environments for my PhD research.

My work across countries and different organisational settings includes research and translating its implications into practice, bringing together specialists from different cultures and disciplines, initiating and facilitating change, facilitating individual and community learning in formal and informal settings.

Since becoming a mother of three kids I experiment with creating innovative learning forms and spaces for my and other children. Next to thinking deep, I like to make things with my own hands and to grow food in a sustainable way in my permaculture garden.