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November in review: transitions

November turned to be a strange month. I went to Moscow for a week, without the kids and, for a first time in many years, without a real to do list. It was good to recharge, reconnect and reconsider.

It was two years since my mother passed away. It is good to feel that transition period of mourning and sorting out all the practical implications is over. Next to all the obvious things this was also about reconsidering my connections with Russia, where she and the appartment where she lived provided a sort of embilical cord for being connected with the family, the country and the culture. It was also about reconsidering what “Russian” in a broad sense do we find important in upbringing and education of our kids and which shapes it should take now.

November was also a month to look deep into the social part of homeschooling and figuring out what do we find important there and what is realistic. As the kids of our homeschooling friends grow there are new priorities and a need to find a new balance between adults and kids in the group. In this respect it was very interesting to dive again into ideas and examples of “unschooling schools”, translating some of the materials of Sudburyschool Hardewijk into Russian, as well as lots of conversations in Russian around it and visiting U.Dacha, a self-directed learning space near Moscow. All of it brings a lot of thinking and has practical implications for shaping learning of our kids and educational initiatives that I want to contribute as a professional.

And, there was also a lot of work on “the professional” behind the scenes. Part of it is diving deep into myself to see what exactly from my past experiences I would like to bring into the world. One line of it is exploring my personal and professional histories from a perspective of 12 archetypes system of Carol S. Pearson. I followed a workshop in Moscow on it and continue to do it online. All of it is still very much “under construction” to write about, but I’m happy to have it as a way to digest the past and to help emergent things to find their place. And then there are more practical things, like getting more involved in a consulting work that Robert does and working on an article together with him.

With travel breaking the month into parts and all the things that bubble inside, it felt that there was hardly anything to write about the kids, which is not true. I’m behind on posting monthly learning highlights summaries, with October almost finished in drafts and September without photos. I don’t expect a full scale November summary to happen. I’ll be brave and write it up 🙂


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