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Learning highlights: November 2018

November was an internally busy month for myself, but our kids are still learning. A lot of November on unschooling front was about giving shape to new things (all of which I should properly write about):

  • experimenting with a “sort of Scrum” board and weekly personal planning that really changes the dynamics of our days;
  • exploring how kids could be engaged in helping a friend who is starting her natural products business;
  • learning about and experimenting with the theme of textile printing that ties into the Dutch history (travel, trade, industrialisation), Wowlab workshops that are coming and packaging for the friend’s business above;
  • getting a rhythm for learning that emerges around online group exploring history of universe, where Alexander and Anna participate.

[photo collage goes here when I’m brave enough to make it]

Writing and executing personal plans. Learning to balance personal interests, group scheduling and external expectations. * Usual Siterklaas crazyness (not my thing to enjoy :). * Anna’s swiming exam while I was in Moscow, B diploma. * Blogposts and emails from the kids for me, so I could have an idea what they were doing. * New wave of projects in Minecraft, Anna’s work with redstone there. * Christmas concerts planning and preparations. * End of the season garden projects and chasing the rats. * Spies, detectives and Victorian London of Sherlock Holms stories. * Making clay pots and learning about the life at medieval farm Erve Eme. * Learning about the ingredients for natural cosmetics: bees and wax, alchogol fermentation and purification. * Indian textile crafts and textile printing history and fun at De Tijdelijke Textieldrukkerij, De Museumfabriek.

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