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Winter garden

There is not much to expect in the garden in the winter, I thought. Everything is harvested by now and we have a few months ahead for most of the maintenance jobs (although I know that those months fly very fast).

So, this is what we found:

  • ripe raspberries to eat in beginning of December
  • a raspberry plant with roots going so deep that I stopped trying finding the end of it (raspberry roots usually stay on the surface)
  • a skull of a bird – no idea how did it get there and why we didn’t find any other bones
  • cabbage plant sprouts that look very similar to something that I saw in a supermarket as a “luxury sprouts package” (sometimes I plant things without having an idea what that is)

And all of that on the top of having the kids run around as pirates, having fun of measuring and charting their “treasure island” (those maintanance jobs need planning ;), and the pleasure of being in the sun when the days are becoming shorter and shorter.

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