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Learning highlights: September 2018

September is a busy month: as school holidays are over there is a time to celebrate the beginning of new learning year with Not Back To School Parties and to sort out the routines of regular sports, clubs and other activities. This year we did more than usual since the kids are older and I wanted to talk more with the parents who have more experience of homeschooling beyond primary school age. So, here is a list of things that kept us busy.

<photo collage goes here once I’m brave enough to make it>

Sailing: a day with other homeschoolers and testing the waters in Enschede with Enschedese Watersport Vereiniging. Clearly to be continued given the interes. * First swimming lessons for Emily and Anna’s back to swimming after a year off after A-level diploma (which was a year off hanging out around a swimming pool for me and a logistical trick of having two of them on the same time slot now :). New schedule for the choir practice and sorting out the logistics of getting everyone there and back. Judo lessons: the girls practicing of coming back home by themselves. *  Tryout online courses in Russian. Third year of online math for Alexander: learning to use new tools. * History of inventions, Romans and the role of women in history. * A trip to Den Haag: English, pinquins and catching up with old-time friends. Surfing and wind at NBTSP-Zuid and exploring Archeon. *  Sallandse Heuvelrug at NBTSP-Oost: enjoying the forest and makeshift clothes for Emily after she fell into the water. * Wowlab workshop, fourth from a series of making a board game: reflection on the process that didn’t go as far as we envisioned it, hard work in groups and fishing for plastic in the pond. * Tech your future festival: planes, drones and fire-fighters. * Building a geodesic dome at the university garden with Sustain (was fun watching Alexander doing that in English). *  Excursion Kasteel Hernen and a follow-up: daily life in middle ages, chicken at home and playing quests. * NVvTO workshop on homeschooling after the primary school age. * Vrede concert Alexander and Anna. * Spies, detectives and indians. * Building tree houses at Sofia’s birthday party. * Harvesting in the garden, lots of raspberry smoothies, apple pies and still tomatoes and cucumbers. * Sorting out lots of backlogs in the house.

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