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Making flexible structures (2)

This is something I always liked, growing in a small apartment with lots of usable corners and self-made furniture, some of which survived for almost forty years of ebb and flow of uses. Switching away from digital with the kids gave me much more opportunities to play with making fluid physical spaces myself.

First, it was about various learning spaces, then I enjoyed redesigning and rebuilding the room of our two girls, playspaces in the garden, convertible climbing structure in the living room… Now I enjoy seeing all those spaces being used creatively, with countless new scenarios.

A couple of days ago we moved things in the girls’ room again (after a round of sorting out the mess, of course). It’s fun to see this new version, but it’s even more fun to see the youngest one turning into an independent builder as the other two: she refused all the suggestions and help and insisted on making furniture for her doll herself.

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