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Small things to enjoy

Sorting out photos I find back all those small things I enjoyed this summer:

  • coming for blueberry picking and being greeted by a newspaper clip with a photo of Emily from 2016;
  • spending an afternoon in Monschau climbing hills and discovering secret codes with Anna;
  • watching Alexander doing things with other adults – helping neighbors cutting wood in the garden, peeling apples with a friend, working on a car with a friend’s father;
  • learning to use scythe with the “elders” of our vegetable garden and evening “dates” there with Robert, harvesting and making berry pergola;
  • walking forest trails with the whole family and then being slow watching kids playing in the waters of Rursee;
  • reading books – in a hammock, on the beach, in bed, in a camping chair…

Those and many other moments were definitely needed to recharge and rethink.

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