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June in review

The whirlpool of transitional events and general “end of spring travel crazyness” seem to be quieting down and now it’s time to start setting in a new rhythm while enjoying the things that do not change (the berry harvest from the garden is pretty stable although which berries are there change 🙂

June was a crazy month on all fronts:

  • #3 workshop of Wowlab series on making an own bordgame with homeschooling group (as much as I’d hoped that we would be ready by then, there is #4 I still have to plan).
  • Anna’s pirate birthday party on the beach which was a logistical nightmare and lots of fun of Dutch-English singing at the end.
  • Nancy‘s visit, with fun, personal conversations and a good reason to meet with Aldo, Elmine and Ton after a long break.
  • Honeyberries, (wild) strawberries, shadbush berries harvest with lots of “put in the ground everything that you want to live” work in between.
  • Two weeks with the kids in Russia, with an intense week-long camping with Natural school and then no less intense days of meeting with family and friends and sorting out the remaining boxes from my mother’s house at dacha.
  • Emily’s cooking birthday party on the beach on the second day after arriving home. It was a bit of crazy, with making fresh pasta and tiramisu “in the field”, but gave a good sense of accomplishment.
  • Discussions about Russian and Dutch and changes in the homeschooling group.
  • A last-munite decision of going to a buschcraft weekend with the whole family, which was a nice learning adventure.
  • Lot of personal growth on making sure that boundaries do not become borders.

So, July and August will be a time of rethinking and repacking lots of things:

  • homeschooling goals and plans
  • work activities, routines and personal growth plan for me
  • figuring out how to combine blogging and homeschooling portfolio
  • house and garden long waiting fixes and organisation
  • slow time, travel, books and enjoying in the sun
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  • Nancy White July 3, 2018, 19:00

    It was SO SO wonderful hanging out with all of you!

  • Lilia July 3, 2018, 21:22

    I still have to find the pieces of the book and to finish it 🙂 And to get back to you for the details of the courses you were talking about.

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