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In the wind of change

Lots of unfinished and half-started posts make it more difficult to start writing again. I feel as I should did something about the backlog first, but new things are coming up and waiting becomes less and less of an option. So, I’ll write. And at some point I finish whatever has been started and post it backdated, who cares.

Anyway. Between the last post in December and now lots of things happened:

  • There were lots of ‘growing pains’ in our homeschooling network that I didn’t take easy. It’s still in motion and I’m still trying to figure out where the new balance lays for me personally. That has implications for our daily practice with the kids and also for the things that I do with or for the others (intervision and Wowlab workshops).
  • At some point I couldn’t do anything with me weblog as a result of accumulated lack of attention. The combination of WP, add-ons and hosting didn’t work anymore, so we changed the hosting and updated everything that could be updated. There are still things that do not work as before, but at least I can write and the old stuff is semi-usable. The old is over and the new shape still has to be defined.
  • I went to Moscow again, this time with the kids, to finish sorting out my mother’s house. That was the place where I grew up, it was our base when in Russia and a point that held my connections to Russia, emotional and physical. There was a long emotional process behind it and transition is not fully over, but one thing is clear: I have closed one period of life and the new patterns have to be established.
  • I became an owner of a company, joining Robert’s adventure of starting his own consulting business. While his plans were in the pipeline for a while and I was involved into all sorts of discussions about it from the beginning, being a co-owner makes a lot of difference. We are still sorting out all the practicalities and I’m not going to work full-time or become very active on a client side from the beginning, but it is a big change. For me personally, for us as a couple, and for the whole family, where work-life balance will need to be redefined.

In a sense it’s not surprising that all the transitions come simultaneously. When the time comes the is no escape from the wind of changes.

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  • Nancy White April 23, 2018, 15:59

    Oh Lilia, so many transitions, with sorrow and joy. I can’t wait to see in you June to have some long conversations!

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