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Winter rhythms

Looking for the drafts to finish I found a list with our weekly rhythm last winter. It’s nice to compare with this year. And yes, by “winter” I mean cold homeschooling season that stretches between September and mid-June (overlapping with the “summer” which is somewhere from mid-April to mid-October 🙂

Winter 2016-2017

  • Monday afternoon: playdates, swimming lessons Alexander and Anna
  • Tuesday afternoon: choir Alexander and Anna (since January)
  • Wednesday afternoon: playdates, Xperimenta (once a month), Wowlab, judo Alexander
  • Thursday 10-18: homeschooling friends, music and improv in Zwolle, workshops and/or playdates in Enschede
  • Friday afternoon: catch-up judo Alexander
  • Sunday morning (Oct-Dec): skating Alexander and Anna

Winter 2017-2018

  • Tuesday afternoon: choir, girls in the younger group and Alexander in both groups
  • Wednesday afternoon: judo girls, Wowlab and swimming Alexander
  • Thursday 10-18: homeschooling meetings
  • Friday afternoon: judo Alexander

This year is definitely lighter. It’s also the first year that Emily started external activities on a regular basis and that Alexander goes to the most of what he does by himself. We also don’t have many regular playdates and plan those week by week. I learn my lessons – having a schedule packed with regular activities makes it more difficult to dive deep into a project, to plan ad hoc meetings or to travel without regrets. And it makes me crazy, which doesn’t help anyone in the house.

Of course, during some weeks it’s like that (plus all the homescholing stuff in between) while others are super busy.  Like this one, with three performances of the choir, Wowlab workshop and preparing it, and end-of-the-year events at Robert’s work for which he has to be out of the house a lot in the evenings. During such weeks I’m grateful that it’s not always like that and that school holidays, when most of the activities stop, do exist.

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