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Marble runs and music machines

What started from a mesmerising video of a marble run turned into something more.

After watching a couple of videos I’ve got curious about the people behind them and the whole phenomenon of (making money from) making marble runs. So we came to an article about it. And then to the video of the music instrument made with 2000 marbles.

And then we found that the machine is retired and came to the Speelklok Museum and the new project of the machine creator, Martin Molin, where he builds a revisited version of it with the team of offline and online support.

Marble run constructionSo now we have a marble run in the middle of our living room, together with rounds of marble competitions (one of them just won a chocolate medal, I hear). And plans to build a music machine with marbles and Lego (somebody paid attention to notice Lego elements in the videos). And ideas for a birthday party.

And, since I guess it’s not going to stop there:

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