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What parents don’t see

Homeschoolers hear often that their kids are always supervised by the parents, that they lack time to be outside of the family to learn about other ways of doing things. Today, collecting photos of Sofia from Olaf Ondekt for her parents I realised how much they don’t see when she stays with us.

We got to know each other 3,5 years ago. Our kids clicked, we, the parents, also clicked. We see each other almost weekly at events and meetings with other homeschoolers, but since the last year Sofia also comes to stay with us for a few days.

These are not short visits. She comes with her bike, extra princess dresses and her work clothes. She has to go along with our ways of doing things, to help in the house and in the garden, to share ups and downs of our life. Her experiences get richer and ours too. It all happens without her parents being around and often they don’t even know about all the little things that happen here. And lots of moments even I don’t see, since the kids spend time with each other doing what they choose to do.

What parents do not see

So, these are just a few moments from the last year that her parents didn’t see. Straws made from garlic chives. Princesses before breakfast. Eating strawberries. Learning to read Russian with Anna. Helping to cook. Playing with electricity. Digging potatoes. Teaching Emily to play piano. Going to Xperimenta science lectures with Alexander and Anna.


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