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Learning highlights: October 2017


Internet of things with Robert. * Video: playing with a tripod and learning making videos together with Lilia. *  Stamps and graphic art workshop at Wowlab. * Observational drawing, 3d art and recycling art. * Watching Nederland van boven: geography, nature, culture and data visualisations. * Building: ceiling-high towers, flexible child room, parkour for remote-controlled tanks, (ticket) office, Lego sailboat with an electric motor, mindstorms snake that bites. * Playing school. * Girls starting judo lessons. * Schat van Dalfsen: archeological excavation with other homeschoolers from TO Oost. * Buratino, the book, the movie, the art and the play that followed. * Inktzwammen: inspiration by Sofia, working with index books and Wikipedia, fruitless search in Enschede and finding luck in Zwolle. * Alexander independently: assisting Wout during a laser cutter workshop in Wowlab (here and here on FB) and Maker Fair in Hardenberg, DJ workshop, sewing black cape. * Leiden by train. Drawing. History of art at Rijksmuseum van Oudheden: Greece. Hortus Botanicus: carnivorous plants, planets and play. And more photos at Olaf Ondekt. * Rups Marieke, Anna’s caterpillar pet. * Money: bank cards for Alexander and Anna, Eurowijs workbooks (via Olaf Ondekt) and play.




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