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Convergence and unschooling

Unschooling, as a way to support your children interests feels for me as a very divergent practice. There is a lot of informal learning, exploration, following one’s curiosity and seizing the moment. Lots of bits pieces and sometimes even a big part of a puzzle. What worries me the most is convergence, creating conditions for documentation, systematisation, reflection that would be aligned with the values of unschooling.

Thinking of that today I realised that it might be useful to look at it in terms of knowledge work framework from my PhD (gosh, that post is almost ten years old by now).

Knowledge work framework

In a formal school environment most accent lies on the tasks part: learning specific things in a specific moment is a task. From an unschooling perspective learning is more of a process, while driving force for it could be a “task”, a need to make something happen, as an own project (build alarm system that rings a bell when somebody enters your room) or a real-life need (being able to write your name) and could be an interest that doesn’t really have a goal. When there is a goal (that bull’s eye on the picture) then lots of convergence happens. Otherwise, it depends. Some kids (and some parents 🙂 are naturally skilled in diverging, so making sure that all of it comes together is a task by itself.

To be continued…


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