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My elephant in the dark

A visit from Gabriela, bringing back memories of the golden era of blogging and triggering an exploration of optics uses in medieval paintings, also brings something else. I look back at my own path and wonder how all of my experiences of work and blogging are useful now and what I’m going to do in the future with my experiences now. My PhD research and homeschooling live in the different worlds, in the same way as my current interest in permaculture has nothing to do with my professional background.

Inside it feels very different, as I’m touching different parts of an elephant in the dark knowing that they should be the same despite of being very different on the surface. Interconnected. In the last few months I saw where I build up now on my PhD and work experiences. Now I more and more see myself bringing things I’m learning in my permaculture experiments into the ways I view and design learning experiences.

At some higher level it’s all about designing for an ecosystem. Which should be a topic for another blogpost once I get to it 🙂

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