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What a week

When the cold season comes some homeschooling weeks are relatively normal, structured around regular activities in and outside the house. Others, like this one, are getting filled in with all kinds of extras, enough to make me want to crawl under the blanked and hide.

A couple of sessions of working on a boat book at Wowlab, which were actually more about trying to figure out a good way to communicate with Allaa from Syria, who is learning to speak Dutch, while making some progress on the book and not losing kids in the process.

In between there was a Kinderboeken week peformance of Goochelaar Jan, which I jumped into at the last moment because magician tricks are a long-term interest of Alexander. During the performance Anna went on stage to help and earned a magician diploma. Since it was just across Wowlab, we convinced Allaa to join us – it was fun to see that he had enough things to enjoy and to learn even if he couldn’t get most of spoken stories heavily based on references to books that he doesn’t know.

Then there was Xperimenta afternoon at Twentse Welle, which required sorting out registration problems first (because not naming a school where you child goes gives en error :). I was happy to see Alexander being perfectly relaxed about going to do something new with unknown people and to hear later on that he knew quite a lot of things from the topics covered.

Thursday was a usual day meeting with homeschooling friends, except that it was in a new house of a family new to the group and those things usually call for quite some adjustment.

On Friday a friend from Amsterdam came to stay over with her six years old daugther. Despite of not seeing each other for more than two years, the kids figured out how to have fun while playing, trying to scare our neighbour, building insect hotel and eating raspberries in our garden.

And as soon as they left on Saturday, Robert took the girls to another theater performance, while I took Alexander to programming workshop organised by CoderDojo during the (re)opening of Twentse Welle. The girls joined us after the performance and the rest of afternoon was filled with eating suikerspin, viral crafting and, unexpectedly, a tea with friends into whom we bumped in the museum.

It’s Sunday and I’m happy to finally stay at home, with “just” groceries and seasonal clothes repacking on the agenda. Next week is a school holiday and I don’t have any appointments in the agenda for the first three days, hooray!

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