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On homeschooling quality

Back home after a half a day talking about homeschooling practices and politics. There was an intervision session for the parents to share and discuss their experiences and, by a coincidence, a call with a discussion of current state of negotiations about the changes in the regulations of home education in the Netherlands.

It’s a strange experience to have those things next to each other. Two thoughts that I took out of it, next the experience of facilitation in Dutch and appreciation of the trust and openness of the participants.

1. As part of the intervision process we talked about “tips” that could help a homeschooling parent to do their job better. However, it seems that all of us also need “tops” next to the “tips” – a positive feedback and an appreciation of the things that work. There are enough challenges and insecurities, but they all grow on a foundation of something that goes well. And that something is to be proud of.

2. It’s a pity the whole discussion about the quality of homeschooling in the Dutch politics seems to be mainly an excuse to make it less accessible. The best thing that could be done to make homeschooling better is to remove all the barriers for starting it. Then the “socialisation” issue is not an issue anymore, there is a critical mass of people to do things together, there is a market for methods and materials, and the people who want to invest in educating their kids at home can do that instead of spending their energy on dealing with barriers and problems that exist only because of the current regulations.

And, on the meta-level this is all about “choosing my battles”, working on the improving things that work instead of being frustrated with the politics. [More on in friends-only FB discussion]

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