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PKM for kids?

I’ve been thinking in the last few days about a direction to organise my current experiences and thinking about learning. It always have been about an individual in a social space, in a continuum of teams, communities and networks, but at the current iteration the age went from adults to young kids, bringing a lot of new factors into the equation. There are still a lot of practicalities of figuring out how to “do” unschooling in our context, but the insights from the process call for a bigger frame to work on.

And, as always, serendipity works its way, this time starting as a tweet of Harold Jarche:
PKMkids at Twitter

Picking up personal knowledge management, reimagined as personal knowledge mastery by Harold, as a frame of reference to map current insights is an interesting idea to play with.

A quick list of things to think about in this context:

  • mapping PKM to developmental stages from a child to an adult, to expanding social circles and a variety of interactions there;
  • think in terms of four basic skills in 2020 (or in a broader context), with a particular attention to cognitive load management;
  • look into an age scale and a sliding balance between child/adult responsibility in the process (also into the specifics of parents -> other adults);
  • introduction and/vs. embedding trajectories.





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