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Seasonal rhytms

I always find it amazing, seeing how the choices of our kids of what to do and where are changing with the seasons.

Spring brings everyone outside. Suddenly everything, including food and drinks have to happen under the sky. They invent countless games in the garden and around and those don’t get boring.

Autumn is different. It seems that kids get saturated with outdoor activities and sun, they are driven inside as with a strong magnet. All of the games that could be played outside are now happening inside, the dose of Lego and Minecraft increases and it takes more effort to get them inside.

Summer is loose and self-driven. There is a big dose of changing scenery, travel and events, so kids seem to “go with the flow” and reinvent “normal” in between, just enough to rest before the next challenge.

Winter is generally full of structure and creative boredom. This is when routines are important to keep everyone sane and more structured forms of keeping one busy come actively into play. Clubs, sports, board games, books, films and online, as well as Minecraft and Lego are ruling this time.

Of course, the seasons are not finely cut. As it some point in August I notice that the nights are getting colder and the leaves are getting yellower, I also see that summer lifestyle has reached its saturation point and the signs of autumn are starting to appear.

And yes, I am a bit sad to see them playing inside while it’s sunny and warm and beautiful outside. The good thing is that they are enjoying all that without my personal “summer is almost over” sadness.

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