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Learning transfer

Learning is in the details.

There are things that go routinely now. Household work, reading-writing-math plain or embedded into games and activities, logging lists to document what’s going on, sport and other clubs, weekly homeschooling meetings. That’s a basis that we really pay attention to if something breaks. A good ground of sorts. However, what makes it really fun is all those things that grow around it, on it – and how learning manifests itself in action, often outside of the original context. Something what is called transfer of learning in theory.

Structure of the EarthStructure of the Earth. Between of other crafts made from iron beads I discovered square Earth*, with white in a middle. When I asked Anna about it, she explained that that was something in the center of out planet, but she couldn’t remember the word for it. She went to find a book to show it to me and made a new, more detailed version. To be fair I was more impressed with the first one, because I don’t remember all the layers without a book.

Lego boat motorBuilding a Lego boat motor that works in the water. A few weeks ago we had to dry a motor from Lego after a failed attempt to use it on a floating boat. In between Alexander started Wedo programming at Miljata’s bouwlab, practicing with different types of connections there. And then one morning I woke to a boat that could float without making its motor wet, made with a connection that Alexander didn’t use at home before.

* With so much Minecraft in the house everything can be square 🙂

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