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Performance improvement mindset and taking it for granted

I tend to take for granted how much my thinking about learning has been influenced by a performance improvement mindset (which comes, between other things, from doing a master program after using learning as a mean to address various ‘performance gaps’ in practice and then going for HRD specialisation within that program).

Reading Charles Jennings discussing relationships between learning and work (see also Jane Hart) reminded me of a discussion with a friend where I tried to explain my approach to education articulating relationships between learning and work cultural practice in a similar way.

‘Taking it for granted’ doesn’t help, because the idea that work is learning and learning is the work is not so obvious. And I guess the gap to bridge is a way bigger in education, where ‘performance’ is a long-term goal rather then a pressing business, evaluation rarely goes beyond level 2 of Kirkpatrick’s model and there is legacy of learning being bound to an institution.

So, two things to think about:

  • build more on the parallels between workplace learning and education
  • articulate relationships between integration of learning into practice and the models for facilitating learning and organisational forms behind
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