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Wat is het doel van onderwijs? and networked learning


An interview-based documentary about the purpose of education, a good one to watch. It’s still very much school-centric view on education, as if it is unthinkable to question the institution itself. It also doesn’t touch on the thorny question “who controls learning?”. All of which is not bad, because “compatibility with current practices” is something that is needed for innovations to get accepted. However, personally I’d like to see things going a bit further into the networked learning direction.

I always liked an idea of “nodes in a network” model of learning (was it somewhere in e-learning domain?), but now I’m a bit further with understanding in practice of how education works from birth on. Would be cool to get a bunch of smart people together to think how educational network could look in relation to the age of a learner, without taking into account legacy or feasibility questions.

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