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In search for reflection formats that fit

When I stopped working, one of the things I wanted was about doing more non-digital, observable things. In other words – living a life that could be more easily shared with children, because they can observe and participate.

Today, I suddenly realised that I’m starting to miss ‘the other side’. In a contrast with the last three days – busy in a good way – I think I’m starting to miss the ‘digital’, now for the simple reason that the flow in front of the computer allows relatively easy switching between being social and being solo, writing and reflecting. I guess that is also why blogging fitted so naturally in between then and why now I’m still trying to find a niche for it in time and routine.

The good thing is that discovering yet another piece of the puzzle moves me one step further.

I guess I’m actually searching for a format for a regular written reflection that goes deep enough and that is possible given existing pockets of solo time as well as the energy level during those. In that sense Ton’s experience with using self reflection survey is inspiring, because it can be something at a sweet spot between a checklist (not deep enough) and a long story (doesn’t happen due to time/energy constraints).

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