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From 2015 to 2016

Those three days were a lot of fun. Improv, playing on stage and on the floor, making fire, old and new songs, Turner in Rijksmuseum Twente, skating, walking, laughing, cooking, sharing thoughts and food with friends, big and small. And knipertjes that came as an unexpected gift, just in time to celebrate the year about to end.

And then inwards, family-oriented change of the year. Tossing unnecessary, quiet and cosy followed by getting our boots seriously dirty in the mud while crossing boundaries.

In a sense that summarises 2015 for me. It was about probing, experimenting, trying, across situations and contexts, to facilitate, grow and build the world as I’d like to see it. It was also very much about discovering more of myself and starting to build resources that I’ll need further down the road.

Things that marked last year:

  • New vegetable garden and then another one. Hugelkultuur, three sisters guild, seems-to-be-infinite potato harvest, replanting mature asparagus and just those hours of grounding and enjoying the fruits of it. Applestroop, courgette taart and tomatillo salsa.
  • Unschooling. Community! Pulse of meetings. Campings and logeerfeesten. Dutch and homeschooling politics. Rhythm, embedded housework and logging experiments. Learning circle, beelddenkers and willpower. Seeds for things I’d like to grow locally.
  • Travel. Snow, space and family in Moscow. Art therapy in Berlin. Easter in Aachen. Tulip fields in spring. Two weeks of learning in Delft. Canoing and singing in Salland. Nature, archeology and family in Russia. Riding the storm and bellydancing in Flevoland. Sailing in Friesland. Lots of Zwolle in between (and enjoying the tunnel that finally got open 🙂
  • Personal. Learning watercolors. Focus instead of breadth. Getting my body back for myself after 9 years of pregnancies and breastfeeding. Building habits: mindfulness, regular yoga and natural haircare. Learning party and merging parts into a whole. Learning to slow down after premature expansion.

And what’s about the new year? I have a direction to go and lots of seeds that need to grow. And between all those two explicit targets: get balance energy-wise and get back into blogging. Because those I need the most 🙂

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