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Right brain to do list

In a long and winding way I’ve got to reading stuff on ‘right brain’. A lot of it is still fussy and I’m stuck with sources in three languages this time, but I need a placeholder for the things to dig further:

  • visual-spatial learning – links and how-to
  • visual and spatial as two different things
  • aha learning <-> willpower for difficult stuff <-> imagining stuff more difficult than it is
  • parallels between right brain, visual thinking, informal learning and operating in the complex domain
  • learning strategies/styles/forms mapped to Cynefin
  • need for structure vs. complex thinking
  • how would you ‘teach’ right brain learners outside of the system? how far/when/how to go outside of the Complex to Complicated and Obvious?

Some people like to make things complex. Instead of just following a manual to deal with a practical challenge they start to work on a theory 🙂

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