A learning party and what’s next

by Lilia Efimova on 13 October 2015

Just a few days ago I celebrated 40, with a nice mix of guests at something that I called a learning party.

A learning party is something a bit more than just a party and a bit less than an unconference birthday (thanks, Ton and Elmine for the inspiration!). It’s a party with fun, food and workshops where everyone can learn something new from other guests.

It worked well and was a fun experience. I think for me that was a time-and-place-bound prototype of something that I want to build in my life. I have no idea what exactly that would be, but looking back at the party I can see a few ingredients of it:

  • Crossing boundaries (well, some traits you never lose :) – fields, languages, ages. The age one is an important one – creating a learning environment for adults and kids together, where everyone can get something, despite of different needs and capabilities.
  • Pulse, bringing focus and relaxation together, acting in a relaxed manner. Structure and routines, and, at the same time being in the moment, flexibility and improvisation.
  • Holistic, not focusing primarily on a cognitive domain, but doing things with body and emotions as well.

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