Learning highlights: May 2015

by Lilia Efimova on 1 June 2015

TO muziek en theatersport. Maria and puppet show.   *  Museum in the garden.  *  TO judo.  *  Playing superheros. * Digging mierikswortel. Making containers for my tomatoes.  *  Family from Suriname.  *   Playing with flower press.

12 days in Delft and around. New friends and old friends and random interactions. Trams, buses, trains, boats and steps. Public transport schedule math. Missing two trains while finishing ice-cream.  *  Communication museum. Scanning kids, old phones and typewriters.  *  Glasshouses, princesses and permaculture.  *  Naturalis. Interactive evolution tree.  *  Sea and sand in Scheveningen. Swimming in the cold water. Speaking English.  *  Delfts Blauw. Secrets, guided tour in English and clay.  *  Escher museum. Puzzles and visual illusions.  *  Maritiem museum. Fireboat and helping Emily to slide. * Mindstorm robot. Lots of Lego. Custom made minifigs. *  Riding on steps while eating icecream late in the evening.

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