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Learning highlights: March 2015

We are experimenting with multiple places and ways to document learning experiences of our kids. I share “in the moment” photos and notes on Facebook, keep an organised photo collection on my computer and on Flickr, try (on and off) to keep a project journal, document main developments in my Russian blog and capture occasional moments and reflections here.

Eventually I’d like to get into portfolios that kids make for themselves, but that is still way ahead – we need to build a routine for that, find the right medium (paper or digital?) and get the right skills. So I thought I’d start small with keeping monthly “learning highlights” posts here and then see where it gets us. I start now, but may actually go backwards and reconstruct those for January and February as well, just to keep the calendar year complete 🙂

So, learning highlights for March 2015.

Learning highlights March 2015

Thank you for the music and Bublitchki with TO muziek en theatersport.  *  Local elections.  * Vegetable garden: compost, AH moestuintjes, green peas in kindermoestuin. Making carrot seed tape with homeschooling friends.  *  Colorful houses.  *  Three words and one question a day.  *   Comic books: Arterix and Obelix.  *  Horse taming and diamond harnesses in Minecraft.  *  Outdoor season – playing and eating outside.  *  Playing with Cuisenaire rods.  *  Exploring watercolors (this is actually something that I do for myself, but kids usually join).  *  No solar eclipse live, but enough simulations, explanations, big telescopes and flying to Saturn in planetarium at Cosmos Sterrenwacht.  *  Hugelkultuur and setting up our new vegetable garden slot.  *  Electricity, draw bridge and castle with lights in Minecraft.  *  Zakgeld game, Sleeping queens and Camelot Jr.  *  Behind the scenes of book illustration, Gruffalo and friends in Muenster.  *  Inventing multiplication tables.  *  Making radio with Znatok.  *  Animals and how our bodies work at Natura Docet Wonderryk Twente.  *  Anna reading AVI3 level book.

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