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Gruffalo and a window onto practice

I went with kids to an exhibition of Gruffalo’s illustrator Alex Scheffler in Muenster and keep on thinking about it. I guess it has something to do with my long-term interest in understanding how people work and how to provide novices with a window onto practice of their more experienced colleagues. And this time I could enjoy not only looking through the window myself, but also share this experience with my kids.

It’s about simple things: seeing sketches where characters emerge and the story gets told page by page, comparing different drafts of a book cover with it’s final version, seeing how the illustration style emerges from the early works to the later ones and the influences from other masters (the envelopes from correspondence with Rotraut Susanne Berner are the works of art by themselves)… And all of that comes with lots of kids-oriented things – books to read (with pillows to sit on the floor), interactive walls to play with, theater stage and dress up clothes to play and a simple, but powerful – illustrations height at the kids level.


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