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Learning highlights: February 2015

Aviodrome: space and planes. Playing flights.  *  Making Lego building instructions. *  Emily writes letters, makes art into rolls and gives as presents. *  Lego broken by young guests and socio-emotional impact of that. *  Making things with ideas from Lego book, medieval castle with drawbridge, secret door and traps, and then turning it into an airport terminal before I could make any photos. *  Palm tree learning. *  Ice art museum. *  Space and rhythm for learning: workbooks organisation and to do calender. *  I will talk and Holliwood will listen. *  Programming with Scratch. *  CCCP. *  From fried onions to chemistry exploration. *  Meisjes kamer. *  Sneuwklokjes. *  Anna reading books to Emily.  *  Music: rhythm exploration. Orpheus: opera, story and Greek mythology.  *  Anna’s first sewing project.

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