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Things you learn while homeschooling

Colorful swirl :)Recognise signal in the noise
Literally. Three kids make a lot of noise – they switch activities and materials, they produce a lot of stuff, they occupy lots of space and they are just noisy even if you don’t count the media and electronics that they use once in a while. And when other homeschooling families come over it’s all multiplied.

Would be nice to ignore this chaos all together, but this is not the job. The job is observe, to recognise learning, to see when there is a moment to bring in materials, to offer help, to reinforce an emerging pattern, or stop something particularly unproductive or dangerous.

So I learn. Learn that the noise is the source of everything, learn not to be overwhelmed by it, learn to recognise those signals in the middle.

There is no escape. There was a time I could switch off email notifications, phone, internet, book a room for a meeting, close the door of my office and focus on the task at hand. Now, while the kids are still relatively small interruptions could come unpredictably practically 24/7.

Instead of waiting for a better moment, I learn to do what I want to do in between. Start a task when it’s relatively quiet, be prepared to drop it when there is a need, say ‘no’ to interruptions when it makes sense, pick it up after a break… And deal all the time with unpredictability – not giving up to it, but learning to ride whatever waves come my way.

Take care of yourself

I had a burn-out once, so I know the symptoms. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the responsibility, ‘to do’ lists or time slipping between my fingers. I’m learning to recognise when I need a break, how to help myself (with sleep, meditation, physical activity or whatever works in the moment), how to communicate it to others and arrange for help. I learn to recognise my own boundaries and to accept them. And then stretch them a little bit further 🙂


Of course, there are a lot of other things to learn while homeschooling, like specifics of different methods to facilitate learning reading or math, how to choose and organise learning materials without turning your house into a school or how to communicate with people around about progress of your kids. They come as part of practice, but they are quite specific to education in general or homeschooling in particular. And of course I’m very much into meta-learning and things that are easily transferable to other contexts, so I’ll keep to those three above for a time-being 🙂

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