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Year of confidence

Going through the photos of 2014 I just realised what it was for me – a year of confidence.

Since I stopped working four years ago things were very much in turmoil – taking care of two and then three kids, homeschooling, being the primary one responsible for running things in the house and garden. All things changed – my identity, circle of people for regular contact and network overall, daily rhythm and responsibilities, planning horizons and finances, even the language used for most of my contacts outside of the family went from English to Dutch.  And lots of that came with insecurities and lack of confidence.

UntitledSo I had to learn, to let go and to rebuild. And eventually it started to work. Last year was the one where all little bits and pieces started to come together into ‘yes, I can’ and ‘wow, it works’ feeling that doesn’t disappear after the next challenge.

And the best thing of all that? It’s the time for myself, my own development and growth that I’ve learnt to make in between all other things. And here I have to send you to read Learning to use the time you have by Lori Pickert, because that was really inspiring for me a year ago.

It’s all far from running like a well-oiled machine, so I guess 2015 will be very much about consistency, regularity and rhythm. And getting closer to those 10 000 hours needed for a mastery 🙂

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