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Facilitating informal learning

It’s always funny to realise how much the roots of what I’m doing today lay in the past:

Looking back now I realised what got me into doing my PhD at the first place – fascination with formal/informal interplay in learning…

Making road signsOnce I have discovered research on informal learning, I became fascinated with the idea of how much of learning is informal and how little we know about facilitating it. My PhD focus went from informal learning to knowledge work to blogging, but at the core it was about the same: how to facilitate things we can not control at the space where intrinsic personal drive meets external requirements.

Guess what I’m doing now? Facilitating learning of our own kids so eventually they get an education that they need in life. I would guess that their percentages are pretty close to 80/20 of informal vs formal learning of adults. Part of my work is figuring out when formal learning is needed (e.g. swimming lessons) and then which forms/methods/resources to go for. But a way bigger deal of what I do is about creating conditions for informal learning to happen (as well as laying foundation for meta-learning, so eventually they can do my work by themselves :).


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