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Family sabbatical

MeisjesWith the last blogpost published more than a year ago I guess the time is right for an update. So here it is 🙂

Although I shamelessly stole the title of this post from a very nice book, it’s not about an extended family travel. I like how the meaning of “sabbatical” is described in Wikipedia as “any extended absence in the career of an individual in order to achieve something”. Family sabbatical in my case is about an extended absence in the career and about a family.

And, to clarify the context a bit, I should add that my youngest daughter, Emily, was born half a year ago. I planned to blog about it, but lots of things happened then, so those of you who are not connected to me in person or on a Facebook had probably missed it. Well, it’s better late than never 🙂

I combined being a mother of a little kid with work long enough to find out that I didn’t enjoy the combination. I feel that’s I’ve got far enough professionally to take a break from it to focus on the other side of the equation – my family. I have no idea how long my “sabbatical” will be. I guess until I get a sense of mastery at the homefront, get bored with it or get a professional challenge hard to resist. So far it’s far from it – there is enough food for thought, challenges and learning.

I also feel that I’m about ready to get back to blogging as thinking in public, but I’m still trying to figure out the details. Given the legacy of this blog I’m not sure what would make more sense – remodeling it to fit my current interests and loosing focus (even more 🙂 or just opening another blog and crossposting here on specific topics.

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  • Annie André January 22, 2013, 10:21


    I competely understand how you feel about taking a sabbatical to work on the other side of the equation. For us , we decided to take a sabbatical to travel and spend time with kids and work on our freelance careers while living in the south of France. Some people call what we are doing a career break, others gap year.

    Whatever people call it, i am truly amazed at all the discoveries we can learn about ourselves while taking time off from work. I realized I never want to work for someone else again.
    Good luck to you and your sabbatical..

  • Jennifer K Brooks January 25, 2013, 18:28

    Amen, Annie!
    After years of struggling to balance lackluster careers and our shining family, my husband and I decided to take a family sabbatical. We rented out our home, took the kids out of school and traveled the USA and the UK for one year. It was the best decision we have ever made. We are closer to our kids, our kids are closer to each other and we have renewed focus for the remainder of our lives. While away, we decided to start our own business in the hopes of never working for another person again.

    I chronicled our field trip year experience on my blog- http://www.brookssabbatical.blogspot.com.

    Good luck, Lilia! You will never have this time again with your family – Enjoy!

  • Jonathan F Vernon February 12, 2013, 09:49

    Hi, I hope you don’t mind by dropping by. It always feels like an imposition – but this is the nature of blogging as we know. I am reading your PhD thesis as I write. Over the next month I have to convince others of a topic of research. Blogging, learning and memory come into it somewhere. I may be better informed by the time I get to the end of your blog.
    My experience of blogging (since 1999) is to try and keep it all in one place, it is after all your unique, collated experience. Every time I have split into different blogs I have eventually lost my way. With a couple of exceptions – a blog about family life marking the birth of our children over a decade ago. Several years of blogging, or just keeping a journal, of their early years has produced a wonderful record of their first words, phrases, experiences and so on. Swimming Coaching just doesn’t fit – it’s something I do beyond the regular blog that is essentially a shared learning journal with an angle on e-learning. And a blog for my late grandfather where I could reconstruct his life, return to it for comfort while sharing it with others.
    Best wishes, after three years doing a Masters in Open and Distance Education I should have had enough, but on the contrary, it fascinates me.

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