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Unschooling school

This is a piece that was in drafts very long. I don’t want to finish it properly (because I’m way further down the road), but I’d like to hit “publish”, even if it’s just for the history. April 2015


I was heavily pregnant then with my daughter, Anna. What I didn’t realise is that for me the effects of the unconference would be a bit like pregnancy – ideas that grow inside for a while and are starting to turn into something tangible only now.

The unconference was one of the first times I could discuss with others the ideas of an “unschooling school” – where the freedom of making learning choices comes together with learning in a team of others. Immediately after the event I wasn’t very satisfied with what came out of the session – it felt like a fuzzy pile of things with nothing really actionable in it. Now I see it differently – as a fertiliser for what came later: clarity on what I want for my kids, visiting a school that truly fits the profile, finding like-minded people and courage to make choices. My “unschooling school” is not there yet, but it feels more and more doable.

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