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The first dress

They grow so fast.

Of course I knew it. But to know, theoretically, and to feel time slipping away from you are two different things.

The box with baby clothes, first sizes, just-in-case-there-will-be-one-more, is almost ready. And there is that first dress that doesn’t fit anymore. I just can’t put it in the box – not yet. May be it can linger in a drawer for a little bit longer, stretching the time that slips away so fast. May be…

Those who talk to me now know that the question of going back to work is around. With Alexander that was about this time when I started to work again. This time is different – I’m not ready yet. Work is tempting and taking longer time away from it is a bit scary, but when I look at the dress and things fall into their places.

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  • Dennis September 24, 2010, 16:55

    I know that feeling pretty well. Our little daughter is 1.5 years old by now and just last week we packed another box with clothes that don’t fit her anymore. And if you take a look at the photos taken just a few months before you can hardly believe how fast they are growing.

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