What I’m doing these days

by Lilia Efimova on 19 July 2010

IYOUIT in De Lutte…learning how to live life with two kids

…building forts

…washing diapers

…growing tomatoes and trying to eat berries from our garden before birds eat them

…observing practices of online parenting communities

…suffering from the hot weather (well, at least diapers dry fast :)

…enjoying summer evenings

…reviewing reports

…allowing email backlog to build up

…holding wiggling baby when making passport fotos

…cleaning sand from Alexander’s pockets

…learning the art of getting things done while staying close to the little girl (she sleeps on my chest as I’m typing this :)

…thinking again and again where my new work-life balance should be and not finding easy answers

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1 Martin 9 August 2010 at 11:24

Sounds great! Stop worrying about work-life-balance and just do it! :-)

2 Tatiana 4 September 2010 at 22:49

Lilia, my most soncere congratulations!!! I was wondering for not hearing from you, but now I understand the reason, and it’s definitely worth it! good luck, and lots of joy to you and your family!

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