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3 KMs and 4 SMs

A while ago I came across by Patti Anklam‘s 3 KMs, which I found very useful to think about my own experiences in the knowledge management field:

  • Big KM (strategic, enterprise-wide)
  • Little KM (“stealth” KM: specific KM practices applied where needed, often without the KM label on it)
  • Personal KM

My dive into KM started from the Big one: I started to explore the field with studies of integration between KM and HR(D) in organisations and the role of CKO (Chief Knowledge Officers) in “managing KM”. That served as a useful high-level introduction to the field, but I guess my heart wasn’t really at that level – most of the KM-related things I did afterwards were about two other KMs and interactions between those.

Now, Patti is sharing another series – this time it’s about social media. I kind of have a reputation as an “expert on blogging”, but quite often I have to explain to others that it’s not any type of blogging that I can easily talk about. The distinction about 4 SMs helps to pinpoint more precisely where my interests are (only two are blogged so far, but you can also check this presentation for an overview):

My interest in social media spans across Customer-Enterprise-Personal SM, but most of my work has been about the Personal one and its connections with Customer SM and, especially, Enterprise SM (so I’m eagerly waiting to the remaining two posts 🙂

That’s said, I’m also wondering if there should be other SMs in the list – from my angle of this world, I’m thinking in particularly about areas like politics and activism, that seem to be different enough from what is there in the list…

[Update: Patti made it into 5SMs 🙂 – see Emergent SM and an updated presentation The 5 social medias (5 SMs)]

And, once you are at Patti’s blog, check her Socializing post that provides a good overview of definitions and perspectives on a variety of “social something” concepts that are used when talking about social media related topics.

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  • Patti Anklam April 9, 2010, 21:54

    Hi, Lilia,

    Your question about “other SMs” is right on target. I had originally started the blog as the “5 SMs” (you can see this in the URL!) because I realized that there is something unique about social media in the context of a broad community. I just haven’t been able to articulate it or differentiate it clearly enough yet to say it’s “the 5th” rather than some limited additional number of forms. I’d love to hear more from you on this before I type that one out!

    Glad you are enjoying the posts.


  • Lilia Efimova April 15, 2010, 08:16

    I thought of something like “Cause SM”, which for me translates into raising awareness, bringing together people from wide groups and coordinating actions around a particular issue. Thinking of political campaigns, citizen-led disaster response, charity/fundraising/helping others, working on attitude/legislation changes, etc. I guess compared to other SMs it might be less intentionally strategic and much more bottom-up/self-organising – there are a lot of players, different interests and unpredictability. If I think about it in Cynefin terms, it’s complex, which is often at the edge of chaotic (I guess most of those things have their roots in chaotic domain and grow into complex when the cause becomes strong enough to align various activities).

  • Patti Anklam April 15, 2010, 16:41

    Thanks, Lilia, I like “cause” ~

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