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Reflective learning and weblogs

[This post was in drafts for a while; posted on the actual date of the workshop, so the participants can find it.]

When I was asked to facilitate a discussion on reflective learning and weblogs at the workshop on Informal learning and the use of social software in veterinary medicine I hesitated: while reflective learning is part of my practice, at the moment I’m far from the theories about it or from facilitating reflective learning in educational settings. Well, at the end it worked – we didn’t go that far into the reflective learning itself, but talked about uses of weblogs for learning of students and practitioners.

A few things that might be useful for the participants and may be some other people.

Reflective learning: I googled for stuff to read on it to brush up my knowledge without getting to far into the theory and found this best practice paper useful – Learning journals and logs, reflective diaries

All kinds of things on blogging that I wrote for practitioners:

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  • Esther February 2, 2010, 11:03

    Being one of the participants in this workshop, I thought it was very inspiring. Esp since blogging in our project will not be strictly about “educational settings” but in practice. Using a metaphor that all could easily understand, the front garden, people starting thinking about blogs, esp about the possibilities to interact but not with a prime focus on interaction. And about connecting blogs as additional value. We will link to this post from the project website. Thanks!

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