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It snows…

StepsI tend to forget how much I like this time – when trees, so fragile and cold, finally get covered by the white blanket. When sounds dampen, because, at the end, it’s easier to hear whispering than any loud noise. When snowflakes are falling slowly, telling you that there is no need to hurry – you have all the time in the world. When the little guy gets excited that his wait is over and he can finally play with this white and cold thing – winter sand. When I feel like a book and a blanket, and even if there is still stuff to finish before that, the idea that the time for it is just behind the corner makes everything else easier…

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  • Franz December 17, 2009, 22:03

    Belo texto. Poesia pura.
    Eu, que vivo no Norete do Brasil, não gosto desse tempo de inverno, e não conheço a neve, mas do jeito que vc. descreve parece um momento de êxtase ver “essa coisa branca e fria cair”.
    Ah! Estou lendo seu artigo “Weblog as a personal thinking”. Nice Work! Congratulations!!

  • Franz December 17, 2009, 22:16

    Correção na msg anterior Onde está escrito “Norete”do Brasil, leia-se “Norte” do Brasil.

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