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Things I did in the middle of the night

[This blog is also a diary]

Somewhere in the middle of the night Alexander woke up for a bit of my attention. Once sleep was broken all kinds of things followed:

  • I kept on returning to conversations at work about empowerment and leadership and drove myself more awake.
  • Got out of the bed thinking that writing things down would help.
  • Checked email (deciding not to send replies timed in the middle of the night) and posted on Twitter about being awake and thinking.
  • Started to work on a blogpost to park ideas (in order to get back to sleep) with Twitter notifications popping-up.
  • Didn’t get into a blogpost writing flow, but instead socialised on Twitter:
    • followed a few links, some social, some with work-related input
    • waited for cranberry-pear-ginger chutney recipe
    • talked about blogging for parking ideas and browsed through my blog to get relevant links
  • Got a snack
  • IYOUIT in EnschedeMade a little present “from Sinterklaas” and put it into Alexander’s shoe to keep alive the believe that this guy is real and actually comes to pick up drawings that kids make for him.
  • Realised that the blogpost I wanted to write wouldn’t be finished today, saved in drafts (hopefully for tomorrow).
  • Wrote this post and now hoping to fall asleep while there is still decent time left before the alarm clock goes on.
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  • Nancy White November 26, 2009, 06:52

    What a great “slice of life” post!

  • Jeffrey Keefer November 26, 2009, 07:13

    Lilia, this is terrific. I am starting to think through my early research ideas for my current doctoral module, and have been struggling where and how I can process this with some peer feedback. You have just shown me a way of handling it. Thank you!


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