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What makes a company…

My company is in transition: what worked in the past doesn’t work anymore and getting a clear picture of the future is not easy. This raises all kinds of issues and emotions that I don’t want to share in this space.

I picked up the quote below a while ago, but was avoiding writing about it. May be I should just quote it:

Matthias Kaiserswerth on Leadership and Followership

When I look what makes a company or country, it is ultimately its people. It is not only the leaders who define strategy and prescribe execution – it is all of us who actually execute and work towards the strategic goals. When things don’t go as planned (i.e., wrong) it is an easy excuse to point to the leaders – but in reality it is each and everyone of us – we’re all responsible. If we follow bad orders, act against common sense and good morals, we’re just as guilty as the people who issued these orders.

It comes down to civil courage, taking personal responsibility and accepting the risk of doing so. If my employees live up to these ideals, I know my organization will work better and be more effective, than if they were just to follow orders without reflection.

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  • Anna Nachesa October 5, 2009, 11:42

    100% agree. Company and/or country is doing well only while most of the people care about it and are cooperating with each other. No methodology can work if the spirit is gone.

  • Martin October 18, 2009, 14:20

    Good luck, all of you. I remember you (the people working at what was then Telematica Instituut) as amazing and great people, so you cannot really go wrong. Trust me. 😉 Or better: trust yourselves.

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