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CPsquare foundations: themes and questions to explore

Last Monday I started online CPsquare foundations workshop. I’ve been hanging on the periphery of CPsquare way too long, so this is a great opportunity to dive in to learn and to make connections. I thought of making a list of things that I’d like to learn during the workshop, but, from what I’ve seen so far the best approach would be to expect the unexpected.

So, instead, I’ll make a list of themes and questions around communities (and being social online 🙂 that I’m interested to explore (and then see if something of that clicks with others and what else emerges in the process):

  • Communities – networks – individuals, practice and theory
    • how they relate to each other and flow into each other?
    • artefacts moving between those
    • the role of boundaries
  • Multimembership
    • managing participation in different communities – reconciling identities, dealing with fragments, making choices when time is limited
    • accidental vs. intentional brokering
  • Being digital
    • work-life balance for those who work and live online
    • face-to-face vs online: what do we actually miss when we don’t meet in person? what technology does well and what not?

Next to this I’m interested to learn from the workshop format and facilitation – I believe in learning by experiencing and would like to see how it works in this case (and then think how it might translate to other cases).

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  • Richard McDermott September 24, 2009, 05:51


    I can give you answers to some of these questions – from my perspective at least. A few you can find in an article I wrote based on a large quantitative study of communities that will be published in the Harvard Business Review early next year.

    I am starting a research project on the current state of communities, collaborative networks and virtual crowds, looking for differences in action, not just categorical differences. So I might be asking you if you know some good research sites, if that’s OK.

    I don;t have your email anymore (too many computer crashes) so if you send it to me I will send you the article.


  • Jeffrey Keefer September 27, 2009, 18:38

    Lilia, you identified some interesting questions you are considering exploring in our workshop. A few of us struggled through some of the issues that are involved around #multimembership at http://scope.bccampus.ca/mod/forum/view.php?id=1171, and it seems you have also done some work in this area. All this may continue to lead to some interesting thinking?

  • Lilia Efimova September 27, 2009, 23:29

    Jeffrey, thanks for the link. I think I saw the link to the seminar somewhere around the time it was organised, but that was a very wrong timing (was finishing my dissertation then 🙂 Wondering what would be a good format to continue on it – blogging?

  • Jeffrey Keefer September 28, 2009, 04:59

    That seems like a possibility. Perhaps Etienne will mention it during the call tomorrow?

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